Yearly Archives: 2003

qregex patch updated

My version of qregex now includes updated man pages, installs its readme file into qmail/doc, and modifies qmail-showctl to reflect the capabilities of the badmailfrom and badmailto control files; all thanks to the efforts of Jeremy Kitchen. My qregex-starttls-2way-auth.patch includes this new version of qregex as well.

New document; NTP Setup Doc

Some of the servers I run work very closely together and things just seem to work more smoothly if all of them are using the same time. I use ntpd to synchronize the time on my local machines to public time servers in my area. This document describes my NTP configuration. Find it on my HOWTO Documents page.

Email is back online

It took long enough but I’ve finally managed to get my email working again. I now have a server at a friend’s who is letting me use one of his static IPs. The upshot of this odyssey is that I know a lot more about how IPsec and ssh port forwarding works.

qmail patches now at The Arda Network

I use two patches with qmail that are either modifications of patches available elsewhere or are stock patches combined in a new way. You can find them by following the Downloads link. The Mail Server Setup Doc has also been updated to reflect my use of these two patches.