Yearly Archives: 2003

Internet Connection Woes

In case anybody’s wondering, I’m having some issues with my internet connection. Although my web site is back on the air, my email server is still offline. I’m working hard to correct that and I am confident that I will have everything back in service soon.

Multiple virtual domains come to The Arda Network

The Arda Network has always used a virtual domain for routing mail. As it stood, my setup would only work with a single virtual domain. No longer! Now my mail server will work with an arbitrary number of virtual domains. I’ve updated my Mail Server and DNS & DHCP Setup Docs to reflect the changes.

Mail Server Setup Doc updated

I’ve added Fetchmail to the list of software I’m using on my mail server. Before setting up my own mail server, I used an email address supplied to me by my ISP. I still use this address for a few things and with Fetchmail, I’m able to download mail from my ISP’s mail server into my own mail server.