Yearly Archives: 2004

qregex and qregex-starttls-2way-auth patches updated

qregex includes two new control files; badmailfromnorelay and badmailtonorelay. These control files include patterns that are matched only when the RELAYCLIENT environment variable is not set. The included README.qregex file has more details. My qregex-starttls-2way-auth patch includes this new version of qregex. Follow the Downloads link and go to the qmail directory to get them.

Mail Server Setup Doc updated

Many minor tweaks to the document, mostly to reflect incremental software upgrades. I’ve also started using netqmail on all my servers and the document has been modified where appropriate to reflect this.

Mail Server Setup Doc updated

I’ve made some changes to my Spfilter setup. I’ve done some more work with the local xml configuration file in order to have rblsmptd return permanent errors (553) when a match is made to a blocklist prepared using Spfilter.

New document; Arda Network Overview Doc

This document provides an overview of the layout of the Arda Network. It’s useful if you want to get a quick understanding of all the machines on my network are doing. Follow the HOWTO Documents link to find it. This document is also linked off of most of the other pages that describe the software running on the Arda Network.