Yearly Archives: 2004

qregex patch updated

qregex now sports a badhelo control file that allows you to do pattern matching against the HELO host name sent by the smtp client. This update also plugs a memory leak that could be exploited by a malicious smtp client. I haven’t heard of this leak causing a problem for anyone but I recommend all users of qregex upgrade to this version anyway just in case. The Changelog at the head of the patch provides details about this memory leak.

Updated qmail patches available

My combination starttls-2way-smtp-auth patch was getting a little long in the tooth. I’ve replaced it using the starttls patch written by Frederik Vermeulen and the SMTP auth patch written by Erwin Hoffman. Follow the Downloads link to get it.

Mail Server Setup Doc updated

I’ve made a number of small modifications to this document. I’ve updated it to better reflect the current architecture of my home network and the different versions of the software I use, and the TMDA configuration has changed to better integrate with users who make use of my webmail interface.

qregex patch updated

qregex now ignores empty envelope senders. With previous versions, it was possible to write regular expressions that would match the empty envelope sender and thus inadvertently block bounce messages. This is no longer the case. It was also pointed out to me that some of the example REs in the qregex documentation don’t actually work. I’ve replaced these with new REs that do work. Thanks to Thanos and Alex for bringing this to my attention. My qregex-starttls-2way-auth.patch includes this new version of qregex as well.

The Arda Network takes a holiday

Perhaps you noticed that the Arda Network website has been off the air for the last week. My internet gateway box started acting funky about January 15 and finally coughed and died on January 19. It’s taken me until January 26 to get it back in service. During this time, I’ve received no email as well. If you sent me something, send it again to be sure I get it.