Yearly Archives: 2006

Stunnel Setup Doc updated

I’ve upgraded to the latest version of Stunnel, 4.15, and changed some of the services that make use of Stunnel. The version upgrade also allowed me to make some changes to how I configure Stunnel on my machines. You can find the updated doc here.

New version of qregex patch available

The latest version of qregex (20060423) adds the LOGREGEX environment variable. Set it, and the matching regex will be included in the logs generated by qregex; good for testing regex patterns or if you want to collect stats on how your regexes are performing. Get qregex here.

Bug found in version 20050523 of my starttls-2way-auth and qregex-starttls-2way-auth patches

Remote authentication was not working in the 20050523 version of these patches. This problem has now been resolved. Thanks to Jochen Schlick for bringing this issue to my attention. You can find updated patches here. Since I needed to create new versions of these patches anyway, I’ve also updated them with the latest version of Frederik Vermeulen’s netqmail-1.05-tls patch, 20060104.