Arda.Homeunix.Net Network Overview (Current)

My home network consists of eight computers:

  1. Mimas, my DNS/DHCP server running FreeBSD 9.2
  2. Atlas, my VPN server running FreeBSD 9.2
  3. Tethys, my database server running FreeBSD 9.2
  4. Phoebe, my email server running FreeBSD 9.2
  5. Rhea, my web server running FreeBSD 9.2
  6. A Macbook Pro laptop
  7. A Windows 7 work laptop
  8. A Mac Mini I use as a media centre

In addition to these computers I have the requisite modem from my ISP, a pfSense based firewall and consumer grade wireless router. The firewall is handling all routing chores for my network while the wireless router isn’t, in fact, doing any routing. I’m using it solely as a switch and wireless access point. I’ve set things up this way because the firewall provides a lot more functionality and flexibility than the router does when it comes to both routing and configuring firewall rules.

Arda Network Diagram

  • Mimas serves DNS to all the computers on my network. It should be the only machine making recursive DNS queries out to the internet. It also serves up IP addresses to any DHCP clients that connect to my network.
  • Atlas is my VPN gateway that allows me to connect into my home network when I’m on the road.
  • Tethys runs a database that is used by applications running on Rhea, including this WordPress site.
  • Phoebe is my email server. It receives email destined for my domain and is also the server that email clients on my network will use to send mail out to the world. It’s probably the hardest working box on my network because it has to deal with all the spam that gets sent to my mailbox.
  • Rhea is the web server that hosts this site. It also runs a webmail program so I can read my email from wherever I happen to be.

In addition to the servers, I have a couple of laptops and a desktop which are the machines I’m usually working or playing on. They all connect to my network over WiFi while the servers are all connected to switch ports on my wireless router. I have a typical residential internet package from my ISP which provides me a dynamic public IP address. I use a dynamic DNS service to allow people to find my website and to receive email.