Downloads – qmail

Available here are patches that I use in my own installations. I’ve included only patches I use that are not available elsewhere. These patches will work with both qmail and netqmail.

Filename Size Checksum
qregex-20060423.patch 26.1 kB md5 2ac42de24ca6a1a46024e743a708c143
sha1 fe52992254e5d464ce0fa0b68cf15ee744266b83
qregex-starttls-2way-auth-20060423.patch 99.2 kB md5 642fdc4f0728ad07b8274d729efe24aa
sha1 6a162780b60b3316b3f1471e1282d9fa8fbbb07f
starttls-2way-auth-20060305.patch 78.7 kB md5 3359340f1f93c76402c1ad99884ee174
sha1 17f169b042b942d8c54640408459d71503f4b13f

qregex-20060423.patch adds pattern matching in the badhelo, badmailfrom, badmailfromnorelay, badmailto, and badmailtonorelay control files. Pattern matching is case insensitive and logs are generated when a match is found.

starttls-2way-auth-20060305.patch adds authenticated and secure SMTP sessions to qmail. This patch combines four patches (netqmail-1.05-tls-20060104, qmail-smtpd-auth-057, qmail-remote_authenticated_smtp.patch, and canonicalised-recipient-logging) all available at into one convenient package.

qregex-starttls-2way-auth-20060423.patch combines both of the previous patches into one easy-to-install file. The two previous patches run into each other when you try to apply both of them to qmail.