Major Mail Server Setup Doc update

I’ve done a major rewrite of my Mail Server Setup Doc. In particular, I’ve changed how I deal with unwanted email, how I configure netqmail for use as a null client, and how mail gets delivered into local mailboxes. It also includes a new diagram showing how email routes through the Arda Network. Follow this link to find it.

Release 1.1.2 of courierpassd, courierpasswd, and courieruserinfo now available

The biggest behind-the-scenes change in this release is new getopt source files which remove the gettext dependency the old files had. No more linking to libintl at build time. No need to panic, the interfaces of all three utilities remain unchanged. The biggest change affecting the use of these utilities is that courierpasswd and courieruserinfo are no longer installed setuid. The INSTALL files include a lot more information on how to properly set up these utilities and I describe methods that will allow most people to run them non-root and non-setuid. You will find the latest release tarballs here.

DNS & DHCP Setup Doc updated

No major changes to this document. I’ve upgraded to BIND 9.3.2 and DHCP 3.0.4. I needed to make some changes to my network when my server died last month and now those changes are reflected in the document. Follow this link to find it.

SpamAssassin Setup Doc updated

Just a couple of changes in response to feedback I’ve received. One of the changes talks about a potential problem with sa-update so you might want to have another look at it if you’ve already read through the document. Find it here.

New document; SpamAssassin Setup Doc

Like everyone else who runs a mail server on the Internet, I receive more than my fair share of spam. One of the tools I use to stem the tide of unwanted email is SpamAssassin. I’ve prepared a document that describes how I use spamd, spamc, sa-learn, and sa-update as well as other features of SpamAssassin. You can find it here.

The Arda Network is back online!

In case anyone has been wondering where The Arda Network has been for the last week and a half, I have two words for you: power blackout. It managed to kill one of my servers and wouldn’t you know it, it was Thebe, my internet gateway. Anyway, 1 server and 1 UPS later, I’m back in business.